About Us

  •  N-Bolt 
  • Is direct Importer of Fasteners, focusing on fasteners in sheet metal or thin materials such as: Self clinching fastteners, Riveting technology as Rivet Nuts, Blind Rivets, Welding Fasteners / Welding Elements, Solid Rivets, Press nuts. We also offer standardized fasteners according to DIN, ISO in stainless steel A1-A5, steel, brass, titanium etc.

  • We hold a wide product range of stock items in sufficient volumes to secure wholesale supplies of fasteners across the Domestic, European and non-European markets.

  • During our more than 10 years of operation on the domestic and EU markets, we have gained a large amount of experience in the field of sales and logistics solutions for the supply of fasteners, both in the EU and NON-EU markets. Based on this experience, we are able to offer our customers a full service in ensuring the supply of customized fasteners.

  •  Our quality management system is primarily focused on input and output quality control of the supplied material, with emphasis on the high quality of upplied fasteners. An integral part of our services is to ensure flexibility in the supply chain of fasteners.  

  • Our system is focused and set up to meet the needs of customers not only for the supply of large volumes of material, but also for small and medium-sized business and manufacturing companies.

  • We also provide consulting and advisory services in the field of fasteners with a focus on modern supply systems in distributor chain with a focus on new technologies and innovations of existing fasteners.



Main product portfolio


  •          Blind rivets
  •          Blind rivet nuts
  •          Self clinching fasteners
  •          Welding Fasteners
  •          Cage nuts
  •          Stainless steel fasteners
  •          Threaded inserts to plastic
  •          Fasteners according the drawing
  •          Normalized fasteners according DIN, ISO etc.